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Consulting company Life is Good.
Professional promotion of financial products.
High fees.

Housing Cooperative "Best Way", offers the most convenient way to purchase real estate in Russia and abroad.

International Business Academy, IBA, is well-known all over the world educational establishment, which employs only expert practitioners who have successful experience in global corporations. Upon completion of the course (seminars), students receive international certificates.





  • Any person who has attained 18 years old can purchase the product.
  • The minimum contract amount is - 10 000 monetary units. Account can be opened in euros or dollars.
  • Account activation is possible when you make 10% of the contract amount. For example, if the account size $10 000, the Client can put only $1000 and the acount begins to work and make a profit.
  • Vista is a contract of indefinite duration and the client is not required to fill the entire amount of the contract.

Addresses and contacts of company

Office Address:

Hermes Management Ltd.
Wienerbergstrasse 9, Suite 328,
Vienna, 1100, Austria

Address of company:

16 Hutson Street, Suite 304,
Belize City, Belize


Phone: +43 720884215 (Austria)
Phone: +5016009734 (Belize)

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